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Design Your Custom Martin

The prospect of designing your own custom Martin guitar is the stuff of dreams. The Martin Custom Shop team has designed and built guitars for some of the most influential musicians of our time. What’s your dream guitar?

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What body size, tonewoods, or bracing pattern will produce the tone you've been chasing after? What inlays and adornments will capture the essence of your personality? The Martin Custom Shop offers a limitless range of options that lets you create a custom guitar that is as unique as you.

Turn your dream in to a reality. Martin Guitar Custom Experts have extensive knowledge and years of experience collaborating with the Martin Custom Shop to produce some of the finest guitars ever built. These experts offer unparalleled expertise and knowledge, and are equipped to guide you through your entire Custom Shop experience, from conception to delivery.

If you can dream it, we can build it.


Who are Martin Custom Shop Experts?
Martin Custom Shop Experts are select authorized Martin dealers specially trained to guide you through the custom building process.

What does a Custom Shop Expert do?
A Custom Shop Expert will assist you in every stage of the custom building process including answering all of your questions, getting a quote, keeping you up to date on your guitar's progress, and delivering your guitar.

Where can I find a Martin Custom Shop Expert?
Use our Custom Shop Expert locator to find a dealer near you.

How much does a custom Martin cost?
Martin is proud to offer an impressive variety of custom options for the enthusiast, collector, or professional. Our comprehensive lineup of models and options provides the flexibility for more modestly priced instruments as well as sophisticated artistic creations costing upwards of six-figures. Whatever your desire, please investigate a selection of the options available on our website, then contact your preferred dealer to make your dream a reality.

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Authorized dealers skilled in Martin's custom guitar building process have earned the Custom Shop Expert designation and proudly display the Custom Shop Expert badge on their websites. Find the complete list of Custom Shop Experts here.



Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes, each contributing a different character to your guitar’s tone. If you desire a different body size or scale length to nurture your sound or improve your comfort, the Martin Custom Shop can accommodate you.

Custom Martin Guitar
Custom Martin Guitar



Martin Guitar Tonewoods
Martin Guitar Tonewoods

Select from premium exotic or traditional hardwoods to shape your sound. Stay true to tradition with materials such as Adirondack & Sitka Spruce, East Indian Rosewood and Mahogany. Or, opt for a rarer material such as striking Hawaiian Koa, Flamed Maple or Cocobolo. Other exotic choices include Brazilian, Madagascar, and Guatemalan Rosewoods.




Add personalized touches to almost every part of your guitar. Let your creativity be your inspiration for a unique Martin custom. Maybe you wish to tell your personal story through one-of-a-kind fingerboard inlay or a custom pickguard. Martin’s Custom Shop craftspeople can add exclusive artistry incorporating materials such as pearl, stone, metal, and exotic wood inlay to your guitar.

Martin Guitar Personalized Inlays
Martin Guitar Personalized Inlays



Custom Martin Guitar necks
Custom Martin Guitar necks

Choose the shape that best suits your style. Connect with comfort and take control of your performance by selecting your guitar’s neck shape and widths while designing your custom Martin. 

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