Tips & Tutorials | October 15, 2021

Guitar Parts & Jargon: Part Two

by Kristi Bronico

Welcome to Guitar Parts & Jargon Part Two. In Part One, we covered the outside of the guitar – both front and back. In this part, we are going to take a look inside the guitar body – particularly the guitar top - where much of the Martin magic happens. Without the perfect balance between the weight and positioning of the tone bars and bracing, the guitar wouldn’t produce the beautiful sounds you hear when the strings are picked or strummed. It also wouldn’t last for years or decades the way a quality guitar can. The acoustic guitar is truly a work of art on the inside and out. It’s both delicate and robust. And when you understand how all the internal and external pieces interact with one another, the music it makes will sounds even sweeter to your ears. 

Stay tuned for Part Three where we’ll cover some common guitar terms.

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We hope that this illustration provided you with a basic understanding of the inner workings of a Martin guitar. Keep an eye out for part three where we’ll cover some common guitar terms and what they mean.

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