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Anssi Kela | Finland Ambassador


Anssi Kela is one of the biggest singer-songwriters in Finland. His 2001 debut album 'Nummela' has sold quintuple platinum and is the 13th most sold album of all time in Finland. He has released six albums and won four Emmas (Finnish equivalent of Grammy).

The foundation of Anssi's success was built on Martin guitars. He bought his first Martin, a HD-28, in 1999. Armed with the guitar he began to write songs that made him a household name. "After spending my youth listening to Neil Young, the sound of an acoustic guitar has always been for me a sound of a Martin," Anssi says. "Most of my heroes have been Martin players so I'm immensely proud to be a part of the same family. Over the years I have tried many fine instruments from other brands but there has always been one big problem: other guitars might sound and feel nice — but they are just not Martins!"

Today Anssi tours with one of his most prized possessions: a custom made black Martin guitar. Fitting for a man who follows Johnny Cash's dresscode and always dresses in black.

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