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Manuel Garcia | Chile Ambassador


Manuel García’s original style of mixing Rock, Pop and Folk is followed by hundreds of thousands of admirers who fill up his concerts, treasure his records and rave about his music. His songs connect with the soul of the people, whatever age, gender or social background. He was born and raised in Arica located in Chile's extreme north, bordering both Perú and Bolivia. Has released five studio albums: Pánico (2005), Témpera (2008), S/T (2010), Acuario (2012) and Retrato Iluminado (2014).  Manuel’s sixth album, recorded at Red Rock Recording studio near Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and co-produced by popular Lehigh Valley, PA guitarist Craig Thatcher, is a never done before experience of bringing true heart South American popular Folk Rock songs back to their original roots, performed by North American musicians, contributing their cultural heritage and precise sound to the mix.

Manuel García is an official artist of Casa Amarilla, C.F. Martin & Co.'s authorized distributor in Chile.

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