From the Factory, Sustainability | May 1, 2024

Earth Day 2024 at Martin Guitar 

Artistically rendered photo of earth

Hey there, fellow music lovers and planet protectors! As we look back on Earth Day 2024, we here at Martin wanted to take a moment to share some exciting updates from the world’s most legendary guitar maker. 

This year, and every year, Martin proudly reaffirms its dedication to environmental stewardship through a series of initiatives aimed at promoting sustainability across our operations. From a new plastic-free guitar to the annual Impact Report, Martin continues to stand tall as a beacon of sustainable innovation in the musical instruments industry. 

Here’s a peek at what we’ve been up to in our ongoing quest to keep things green and groovy. 

A photo of the DSS Biosphere guitar, a blue acoustic guitar with whales on it

Introducing the DSS Biosphere™ II 

Leading the charge is the unveiling of the all-new DSS Biosphere™ II, the latest addition to the lineup of guitars Martin has released for Earth Day.

Featuring another stunning work of art from acclaimed artist Robert Goetzl, this remarkable guitar is more than just a musical instrument – it's a testament to the urgent need for environmental preservation. Inspired by the efforts of the nonprofit Keiki Kohola Project – Caring for Calves in Maui Waters, which works tirelessly to protect humpback whale mother and calf pairs off the Hawaiian coast, it serves as a tribute to our marine ecosystems. 

The DSS Biosphere II is a satin sloped shoulder Dreadnought with a spruce top and sapele back and sides, giving you a warm and mellow tone rounded out by powerful mids, bright and airy trebles, and plenty of volume. It also features certified European flamed maple binding, a select mahogany modified low oval neck, and an ebony bridge and fingerboard with sapele dot inlays. 

This guitar is FSC® certified (license code FSC-C008304) and entirely plastic-free, following the precedent set by our previous two Earth Day guitars, the 00L Earth and OM Biosphere, and adhering to the highest standards of eco-consciousness. Like the OM Biosphere, it's compliant with the Preferred by Nature (PBN) Sustainability Framework Standards (license code PBN-SFP-039001) and adorned with the PBN Hummingbird Seal. Even its softshell case is made from hemp, further reducing its environmental footprint. 

With the DSS Biosphere II, Martin hopes to amplify awareness of the need to safeguard our natural environments and the beautiful melodies they inspire. 

Learn more about the guitar here, watch a video about our Earth Day guitars with Chris Martin IV and Robert below, and contact your local Martin dealer if you’d like to try one out for yourself. 

Sustainability at Martin Guitar Museum Exhibit 

As part of our Earth Day initiatives, Martin also proudly opened the Sustainability at Martin Guitar exhibit at our museum in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. 

The exhibit offers visitors a firsthand glimpse into the company's sustainability journey, showcasing guitars crafted from reclaimed, FSC certified, and alternative tonewoods, like the SWD and 00-DB Jeff Tweedy, and artifacts highlighting our long-standing commitment to environmental responsibility. 

From innovative recycling programs to collaborations with environmental organizations, and a focus on community and culture, the exhibit underscores our holistic approach to sustainability here at Martin. Open to the public for a year, Sustainability at Martin Guitar promises to inspire and educate visitors of all ages. 

Learn more about the Martin Museum here, and while you’re visiting, why not take a factory tour and check out the 1833 Shop? We can’t wait to welcome you! 

Photo of guitars in a display case

Annual Impact Report: A Testament to Progress 

In line with its commitment to transparency, Martin released its annual Impact Report on Earth Day, detailing the company's efforts in 2023 to care for its employees, community, and the environment. 

From supporting reforestation efforts to championing community engagement, our latest Impact Report highlights the positive vibes we're spreading both inside and outside our factory. 

Learn more in the video below and read the full 2023 Impact Report here.

Join Martin Guitar on the Journey Towards a Greener Future 

Here at Martin, our passion for crafting the finest acoustic guitars goes hand in hand with a deep-seated commitment to the planet and its people. As we navigate the challenges of the present and look towards the future, Martin invites you to join us on our journey towards a greener, more sustainable world. 

For more information on the sustainability efforts of Martin Guitar, visit

Together, we can keep the music playing for generations to come. 

Happy playing!