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Martin Guitar Introduces Two Walnut Guitars, A New Road Series Guitar, and Two Monel® Bluegrass String Products at 2018 Summer NAMM

NAZARETH, Pa. (Summer NAMM | Booth 801) – June 25, 2018 – C.F. Martin & Co.® (Martin Guitar) will offer two new black walnut guitars, a new Road Series guitar, and two additions to their ever-popular Monel® strings line this summer at the 2018 Summer NAMM Show held in Nashville, Tenn., from June 28-30. The company will introduce to the U.S. the DE Black Walnut and the GPCE Black Walnut models as a refreshing and unique alternative tonewood to rosewood and mahogany; these models had been previously debuted at the Frankfurt Musikmesse in Germany in April. Martin will also introduce an affordable new Road Series model, the 000RSG. The long-awaited mandolin and banjo strings crafted with Monel will also make their U.S. debut in Nashville.

GPCE Black Walnut and DE Black Walnut
Martin chose black walnut tonewood for its rich, warm color and its clear, bright trebles. Walnut produces the perfect amount of bass, resulting in a well-balanced guitar, ideal for recording, performing, and songwriting. The look of walnut stands out and is a great choice for those seeking a sound in between rosewood and mahogany (with a tinge of koa). The DE Black Walnut (Dreadnought) and GPCE Black Walnut (Grand Performance) limited edition models are finished with a gorgeous ambertone shaded top. They offer ultimate playability and comfort with the finest Martin-made strings, and come equipped with premium Fishman® Matrix VT Enhance electronics, so that you sound as great amplified as you do unplugged. $2,649

With a Sitka spruce top and siris back and sides, this solid wood Auditorium version of the DRSG is a great sounding guitar at an affordable price. New to this model are white binding and a multistrip top inlay, which give it a unique look in the series. Like the DRSG, it has a Richlite® fingerboard and bridge, gloss body, hand-rubbed neck finish, and Fishman® Sonitone electronics. This guitar is Road-ready to join you on all of your adventures! $1,499 

Mandolin Strings
Find the warmest, deepest sound in your mandolin with this articulate, balanced, long-lasting set of strings. Made to amplify the natural tone of your instrument, Martin mandolin strings are designed to sound resonant and broken-in from day one and to live in the sweet spot of brightness for as long as you keep them on your instrument. With an even response and naturally corrosion-resistant design, Martin’s new mandolin strings are built so you can spend less time tuning and more time playing. The new Monel mandolin strings are available in Medium (11) gauge (M465). Martin will continue to offer their existing 80/20 bronze-wound mandolin strings with newly refreshed packaging. $5.99 

Martin mandolin strings offer:

  • Rich, warm bass tone
  • Clear, brilliant treble
  • Easy playability 

Banjo Strings
A good banjo string is a lightning rod for the very best of what’s in your fingertips. Made from long-lasting, naturally corrosion-resistant Monel, Martin’s new banjo strings maximize the driving, rich sound of your instrument without sacrificing brilliance and clarity. Vega® Banjo strings are designed to honor one of the most respected names in banjo history for over two centuries. The new Monel banjo strings are available in Medium (10) gauge (V740). Martin will continue to offer their existing nickel-wound banjo strings with newly refreshed packaging. $4.99

Martin banjo strings offer:

  • Warm, natural tone
  • Strong mid-range response
  • Great playability

About Martin Guitars and Strings
C.F. Martin & Co.® has been inspiring musicians worldwide for 185 years with their superior guitar and string products. Martin guitars and strings remain the choice for musicians around the world for their unrivaled quality, craftsmanship, and tone. Martin guitars and strings can be seen and heard throughout the company’s long history, across all genres of music, and in all segments of pop culture from concert and theater stages to television and movies.

With an unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability and responsible manufacturing practices, Martin continually drives the acoustic guitar market forward, introducing innovative features that have become standards across the industry. These groundbreaking innovations include the introduction of X-bracing, the 14-fret guitar, and the “Dreadnought” size guitar. In strings, Martin has also led strings innovations, such as introducing the first high-tensile strength steel-string core wire, the first nickel acoustic strings (Martin Retro), and now their proprietary Titanium Core strings, which offer unmatched stability, tone, comfort, and longevity.

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